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Ah yes. You must be Iandis Dyless? Im doctor Colton Bishop, Im so sorry for the wait, please follow me?

=>Colton: You lead the sea dweller down the hallway. Appointment rooms  sprinkle either side of the cream tiled walls. You look at the appointment board as you pass the nurses desk. This seems to be your last appointment before your shift is over..Thank goodness, what a busy day, you feel sorry for the next doctor on shift..however, your always on call.

When you reach the 4th door on the right, just before hitting the emergency wing of the hospital you turn in and pat your hand on the paper covered  examination bed.

He seems rather young and healthy by your eye, what could be troubling him??

So Iandis..Tell me, what might bring you in today??

==> Well, that’s close enough to your name, at least. And correcting him would be rude… Though you certainly hope there isn’t another troll with a name very similar to yours waiting in the other room— Perhaps you should check, it wouldn’t do if they were in sincere need of medical attention and you were taking advantage of the availability and confusion, especially when you are otherwise healthy and really only here for—-

He’s leading down the hall, you really should catch up!

You come into the room, trying to decide if you should apologize for any confusion or the fact you may be wasting his valuable time.

•O •h.. I’m afraid it really isn’t t•• imp•rtant, Dr. C•lt•n. O•
•O My j•b just wants a physical. I supp•se I sh•uld have had it •n hand bef•re I started, but it was all rather sudden… I’m s•rry, I’m sure y•u have •ther patient’s wh• c•uld use y•ur help •ver s•mething as min•r as this.. O•

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Kate MccGwires Feather sculptures

Kate MccGwire’s feather sculptures are awe inspiring in their detail; they are the type of thing that is marveled. Gathering, peeling, and layering are just a few ways she constructs her work. The materials, vibrant colors, and tactile quality gives them an uncanny feeling.

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Shinji blushing like a firetruck is my favourite Shinji.

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that leto. such a jerk.

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=>Colton: You look at your clipboard to check for next clinic appointment. As you walk toward the waiting room..You step through the door into the quite room full of patiently waiting trolls. 

Yes..um..Oh dear..

You can’t read the name on the sheet.

May I ask who’s next??

Iandis ==> You’ve been pleasantly minding your own between minor attempts of small talk, but you do find your eyes drifting toward the clock. It is a rather full waiting room and there’s a queue, but you do see that your number is next, and you do hope it doesn’t take too long — but you understand that this particular doctor must be very busy under such short notice and it was terribly kind of them to take your appointment, though the troll next to you is oozing an unusual shade of dark green—-

Oh. Oh!

You lift your hand after a moment.

•O I am. O•

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Artist: Miranda Lambert
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His fist is big and my gun’s bigger
He’ll find out when I pull the trigger~